Multiplication is a Many Splendoured Thing

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian population is growing at the rate of 1.5% per year, whereas church attendance is in significant decline. It is true that in some areas (e.g. the Anglican Diocese of Sydney) attendance is so far keeping pace with population growth, however, this is mostly due to what … Continue reading Multiplication is a Many Splendoured Thing

The Biggest Elephant – 4 – The Fatal Assumption

‘It’s more missionaries we need, without more missionaries we will lose’ (A paraphrase of Air Chief Marshall Dowding’s comment on Pilots during the Battle of Britain) ****** I was having a coffee recently with a very successful businessman friend, also a committed Christian who has invested a great deal of his financial resources in his … Continue reading The Biggest Elephant – 4 – The Fatal Assumption

It is a Crisis – So ‘Carpe Diem’

‘You Should Never Waste a Good Crisis’ Rahm Emanuel                                                 ****** ‘I am not a Prophet or a Prophet’s son’ as Amos said to the 8th Century BC leaders and people of Israel (Chapter 7:14), nevertheless I am going to venture a tentative ‘Prophecy’ (a prayer anyway). The ‘Prophecy’ is that the current Corona Virus … Continue reading It is a Crisis – So ‘Carpe Diem’

Unbounded Church – A One Stop Shop

Most local churches have a stated aim to see the lost won for Christ. Commonly, this desire is expressed in the organisation and resourcing of a range of ‘Outreach’ activities. Even though not always clearly articulated, the methods used usually follow the same process that has generally been basic to all mission since the time … Continue reading Unbounded Church – A One Stop Shop

A Crisis in the ‘West’

I recently came across this quote from Greg Sheridan, the Australian journalist and author of ‘God is Good for You’, who headed a recent article with – ‘The West cannot survive without a re-energized belief in Christianity’ Sheridan’s blunt, but I believe hard to argue with, observation flows from the fact that the socio-spiritual culture … Continue reading A Crisis in the ‘West’

Ten New Year Suggestions for Missional Fruit

In the light of the now well documented general and longstanding failure of the church to produce significant missional fruit, the ‘Unbounded Church’ concept is driven by the belief that there is an urgent need to do ‘Something Completely Different’. Suggested below are 10 New Year’s resolutions that may be helpful in creating a missionally … Continue reading Ten New Year Suggestions for Missional Fruit

Putting It All Together-Why We Need to Unbind the Church? – Martin J Bragger

‘I have “Enthusiastically followed the latest ideas for ministry, evangelism and church growth. However, none of them have gone deep enough to examine, much less challenge, deep-rooted ideas about what church is”. The very existence of the ‘Unbounded Church’ concept begs the question as to why we need new forms of church and mission with … Continue reading Putting It All Together-Why We Need to Unbind the Church? – Martin J Bragger

True ‘Success’ Can Be Replicated

It is not uncommon to be told about a particular church which is very ‘successful’. The story usually contains accounts of growing attendances, thriving youth groups, new families etc, and also sometimes a charismatic leader. Such churches often then become the ‘model’ we are all to copy. Where such a story is true we should … Continue reading True ‘Success’ Can Be Replicated


Mathematical analysis of attendance data makes it quite clear that in order to reverse the current trends of decline, the required rate of increase in the number of Christian fellowships simply cannot be achieved by ‘Classic’ church planting using a strategy of ‘adding’ largely standard size congregations