Missional Communities Introduction and Training Workshops

These will be organised at various times and locations during 2019. Please watch this space for details as they become available. They can be organised on request by emailing:



A ‘SEEK’ Day – Missional Community Gathering – 13th April 2019

For Support, Encouragement, Equipping

And to provide an opportunity for Knowledge Sharing-

For all those who are already involved in, or interested in developing, Missional Communities and Networks.

During the day, amongst other things, we will look at some of the (perhaps new) skills required for the creation and development of MCs in the ‘Live, Work and Play’ cultural universes where unchurched people spend their time such as-

·         How to create ‘Connecting’ conversations in public spaces.

·         How to respond to the barriers (objections and difficult questions) those who we are seeking to Gather into a Missional Community may raise.

·         Options for ‘Discipling’ group members both within, and in connection with, the Missional Community.

We will also reinforce the definition of a ‘Missional Community’ and refresh our understanding of the basic ‘Missional Community Process’.

The event will run from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm on the 13th April at

Thirroul Community Centre, 352/358 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul, NSW, 2515

A light lunch will be provided and the cost is by donation.

Please invite anyone else who you may think will be interested.

This will clearly not be a convenient location for many, but the program, shaped as required, can be run at any location requested where there is sufficient interest.

          To register and/or for enquiries please email unboundedchurch@gmail.com

          Or Text or call         –        0410492546


Unbounded Church booklets available for free download.

(They all are the intellectual property of Martin J. Bragger. If used, please credit the source.)

“Unbinding the Church: Missional Realities and Better Options”

This 93-page booklet gives a full explanation of the Unbounded Church concept, and includes an analysis of reasons for falling church attendance and the now decades long lack of missional success.

It specifically uses the large Sydney Anglican Diocese as a case study but the issues and proposed ways forward are highly relevant to the wider church of all denominations. The specific and urgent need for change is emphasised.

A particular concern is the need to release the New Testament legitimated principles for Christian Community in order to facilitate more fruitful mission in postmodern western cultures and appropriate approaches to mission.


To download a copy of Unbinding the Church, right click on this link and select the menu option that opens  or saves the linked file or “target”.

Or email unboundedchurch@gmail.com for a copy.

Something Completely Different: The Mixed Economy Option

The general subject of this booklet is the Missional Malaise that now infects the whole Australian church landscape. The specific subject is the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, arguably still the strongest part of the Australian non- Catholic Church. However, while the specific focus is Sydney, the issues and challenges faced, and the causes of those challenge are common to the Australian church as a whole.

Other denominations and independent churches can substitute their own growth, attendance and regional population statistics in order to draw their own conclusions, which in any case are likely to be very similar. The discussion in Section 3 is useful for diagnosing some of the major causes of the Missional Malaise in any section of the church.

The Missional Community Network proposal in Section 4 is a potential way forward for any local church of any denomination or none.


To download a copy of Something Completely Different, right click on this link and select the menu option that opens or saves the linked file or “target”.

Or email unboundedchurch@gmail.com for a copy.