What is the Unbounded Church Vision?

A Network of Networks

The intention of the Unbounded Church concept is to promote the creation of, and provide support, encouragement and training for the development of, Missional Communities. This is a ‘Go and stay’ strategy that seeks to go to and penetrate the multitude of ‘Live. Work and Play’ socio-spiritual micro-cultures that now comprise Australian (western) society. The intention being to establish in them Missional Communities as Gospel Beachheads. Such micro-cultures are rarely reached by the standard church yet they are where the unchurched and de-churched live’.

The ‘Unbounded Church’ Vision

• To see Networks of new and alternative forms of church developing and multiplying in the ‘socio-spiritual universes’ where non-Christians live, work and play. These are the worlds that the traditional ‘Christendom’ model churches are chronically failing to reach with the gospel of Jesus.

• To promote the formation of new theologically biblical missional paradigms that are Missional Communities of disciples of Jesus Christ and which will multiply to form expanding Missional Community Networks (MCNs).

• To facilitate, resource, and provide training and encouragement to those who are already on, or who wish to commence, such a journey.

• To provide a forum for knowledge sharing and mutual reinforcement

• To provide a Consultant group that can assist local congregations and/or individuals to start parallel MCNs

• To develop and provide access to training- workshops and materials

• To maintain a Theological oversight.

Photo Credit: Baneside Flickr via Compfight cc