What does it need to do and what would it look like?

A Network of Networks

The intention of the Unbounded Church concept is to be an umbrella over a ‘Network of Networks’, a web loosely connecting existing, and providing support for the development of, Missional Community networks that are embedded in the Kaleidoscope of ‘live, work and play’ parallel and alien universes ‘where the unchurched live’.

The ‘Unbounded Church’ Vision

• To see Networks of new and alternative forms of church developing and multiplying in the ‘socio-spiritual universes’ where non-Christians live, work and play. These are the worlds that the traditional ‘Christendom’ model churches are chronically failing to reach with the gospel of Jesus.

• To promote the formation of new theologically biblical missional paradigms that are Missional Communities of disciples of Jesus Christ and which will multiply to form expanding Missional Community Networks (MCNs).

• To facilitate, resource, and provide training and encouragement to those who are already on, or who wish to commence, such a journey.

• To provide a forum for knowledge sharing and mutual reinforcement

• To provide a Consultant group that can assist local congregations and/or individuals to start parallel MCNs

• To develop and provide access to training- workshops and materials

• To maintain a Theological oversight.

Photo Credit: Baneside Flickr via Compfight cc