The Crisis in the Church is a Crisis in the West

That there is a Crisis in the Western church is an irrefutable fact, as indicated by declining trends of membership, and more importantly declining numbers of Converts.

My book ‘Quantum Mission’, (details here), expresses the my response to this Crisis which is indicated by the chronic ‘Missional Malaise‘ that plagues the institutional Church. This malaise is clearly shown by the Church’s decades long failure to effectively reach the millions ‘stumbling in darkness‘ with the saving grace of God in the person of Christ. It is now, or at least ought to be, obvious, that ‘business as usual’ cannot continue. However, the locked in failure to grasp that ‘obvious’ fact has been clearly exposed by the Covid 19-forced close down of most churches’ business model. Tragically the golden opportunity to seek to create ‘Something Completely Different‘ presented by the pandemic has been squandered and instead all we generally see is churches rushing back to the failed and failing ‘business as usual’ model.

It has been, or should have been, obvious for a long time that for missional effectiveness in the rapidly revolving Kaleidoscope of constantly changing socio-spiritual micro-cultures that now comprise Australian/Western society, the church urgently needs to be ‘unbound’, that is freed from the rigid, inflexible and ponderously slow, change-averse 20th century forms, structures and missional platforms which bind it.

A totally new paradigm made up of networks of creative highly flexible Missional Communities is required which is free from the ‘bounds’, the walls (physical, cultural and spiritual) that currently lie between the traditional church model and the mosaic of sub-cultures that make up contemporary western society. Such Missional Communities will be designed to Go and embed themselves in the variety of ‘Live, Work and Play’ micro-cultures into which society has now shattered.

The vision developed in ‘Quantum Mission’ is to see the creation of a ‘Network of Networks’ (Missional Communities) which form a new missional entity, in fact –

‘A church as we haven’t known it for a society as we haven’t known it’.

The purpose of this site is to help, encourage, support and resource all who are seeking to create new forms of more missionally effective strategies for the 21st century. My hope is to contribute to this by sharing my over fifteen years’ worth of experiences (both good and bad) in developing what I call the Unbounded Church as well as the experiences of other colleagues, and by the provision of resources that may be helpful to those engaged or seeking to be engaged in our common task.

Photo Credit (here and on home page): Baneside Flickr via Compfight cc

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