Find about about unbounded church and who writes this website.

Unbounded Church is an idea. It is the idea that for the church to be missionally effective in the Australian/Western culture it needs to be unbound, freed from the rigid, inflexible and ponderously slow, change-unwilling ‘Christendom’ forms and structures which bind it. It also needs to have the ‘bounds’ the walls, both physical and cultural, between it and the socio-spiritual multi-verses that make up contemporary western society removed. is the website of Unbounded Church which is dedicated to seeing the church become –

‘A church as we haven’t known it for a society as we haven’t known it’.

Its purpose is to be a vehicle to help us journey into those universes of spiritual darkness with the glorious light of the gospel of Jesus.

A full description of the Unbounded Church concept is given in “Unbinding the Church” booklet available on request from –

Photo Credit (here and on home page): Baneside Flickr via Compfight cc

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