Unbounded Church

Unbounded Church is an idea – The idea that the church needs to be set free from its rigid, cumbersome and  change-averse ‘Christendom’ influenced forms and structures in order to be –          

  ‘A church as we haven’t known it for a society as we haven’t known it’

We hope that this website will facilitate, encourage and resource those who are developing, or seek to develop, alternative forms of ‘church’. These are forms that are vehicles for the journey through ‘the wormhole’ into the alien socio-spiritual universes where most in western societies now live without Christ Jesus, and so without hope. We pray that you will join us.

For a fuller exposition of the Unbounded Church concept please see-

“Unbinding the Church – Missional Realities and Better Options”

available from- unboundedchurch@gmail.com

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