A True Post Modernist

Intriguing statement by the the leader of the Australian opposition Bill Shorten in his speech to the Australian Christian Lobby today. He claimed to believe in God and marriage equality.

A weird paradox really for while Mr Shorten believes in ‘marriage equality (i.e same sex marriage) the God he claims to believe in doesn’t! Now of course when I use the term God I mean the one described in and communicated to us in the Bible. That God invented and designed marriage to be between a man and a woman only.

So when Mr Shorten says he believes in God he clearly doesn’t believe in the God of the bible, the one who dealt with the ultimate human problem (sin) by sending Jesus on the cross. Mr Shorten’s ‘God’ is, in true post-modern style, a label under which you can put any ‘god’ you have made up to suit your self.

As always in these matters the real issue is whether the bible is true. For Mr Shorten, as has to be the case for a true post modernist, the bible is not true for it for he is a relativist, and the bible deals with the absolute truth of the absolute God, who is ‘Truth’.

When anyone makes the statement they believe in God, the next question should be- Which God is that!

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