When God Breaks In

Now and again there are those ‘God moments’, the times when the majesty, power might and glory of God breaks into the often so mundane flatness of our daily routines and consciousness.

Such a ‘breaking in of God’ moment occurred as I was travelling in the Canadian Rocky Mountains recently. The utter majesty of the massive peaks that God had thrust up to seemingly puncture the sky. Such indescribable grandeur that it was impossible not to be overwhelmed by the sense of the presence of the God whose mighty power had forced those gargantuan edifices upwards, like signposts pointing to His glory.

Such a moment can only force the contrast between the God whose “Name is majestic in all the earth” (Psalm 8 ) and the arrogant puny efforts of Man, in our arrogant ‘tower of Babel’-like attempts to ‘be God’ (Genesis 11:1-9) through our technological ‘brilliance’, itself a gift of the God whom we seek to displace.

Indeed as I was overwhelmed by the glory of those rock giants straddling the landscape and reaching up to the heavens I could only praise the greater glory of the God whose “Name is majestic in all the earth”.

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