God Places

It’s dusk, dimming light, calm, no breezing of the trees, oak and ash, an un-rippled surface of the Mayfly skimmed pool. The pool, so many hours spent there, pre and post faith- yes a God place, a place to which I return every few years; a place where I know God that will ‘connect’.

There are a number of them- God places – and I don’t know why they are more so than other places, but they are for me, and I may well be the only one; places where God’s presence always seems almost palpable. They are places where God has, with small still voice, convicted me of big decisions I needed to make; where sharp turns on the course of life’s journey were indicated and commanded; where the whispering voice convicted of the ‘rightness’ of strange things.

There are for me a number of God-places – one among the breeze-stirred Tea trees of a quiet garden on the shores of the Indian Ocean; one in a small chapel in the Cathedral of St Chad in the English Midlands (mind overwhelmed by a thousand years plus of Christian worship); one in the deep, so painful silence of the central Australian desert, another amongst the whispering Casuarina Pines fringing the Arafura sea.

God-places, where He seems to be so close, just a wafered-thinness away, speaking, leading, encouraging and building faith.

Thank God for ‘God-Places’.

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