Unbounded Church Gathering

Regrettably, despite several decades of increased missional endeavour the result has been continuing decline in the numbers of those being won for Christ in Australian society, with a consequent decline in the standard church. It is evident that we urgently need to develop ‘Another way’ of doing church and mission for the sake of the millions stumbling in the darkness of lives without Christ. This is the reason for this site, that is the need to ‘Unbind’ the church, set it free from the tradition forms and mission strategies that has resulted in chronic, decades long, missional unfruitfulness.

In the light of this, the aim of this ‘Gathering’ is to bring together those who are already involved in, or who are considering involvement in, the development of a wide variety of Missional Communities that will be effective vehicles for the gospel of Jesus in the kaleidoscope of cultural tribes that now comprise 21st century Australian society.

The specific purposes of the Gathering are to-

* Demonstrate to all participants that they are part of a bigger thing than just their often small group. i.e. show the bigger picture
* Provide and/or reinforce skills for the establishment and development of Missional Communities
* Reinforce linkages between those involved in such networks indeed to create a loose network of networks
* Provide mutual encouragement
* Enable knowledge sharing (something sadly lacking generally) in regard to creative missional ventures.
* Hear and learn from others in the sharing of stories.
There will also be opportunities for discussion of new ideas as well as how these may be progressed.

The task is hard given the general apathy of standard churches to new ways which require them to change, and the fact that we can often feel isolated. So it is important to be part of the bigger picture to encourage and ‘spur’ each other on in the great gospel task God calls us to.

I encourage you to be there!

The venue is Eagle Vale Anglican Church-
Corner of Eagle Vale and Emerald Drives, Eagle Vale- Sydney

The cost is $10 and lunch is included.

Please indicate your intention to attend by email
to unboundedchurch@gmail.com

or Phone: -0410492546
(02) 42675626
(02) 9820 2680
or 0418 686 013

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