The Encouraging Light

This Christmas Time the World is Dark. Dark powers rend society’s fabric, destroying what binds, like termites in the base, so the centre does not hold.

Leaching Gospel glue, Darkness descending, cloying minds.

Ignorance of the Divine schema allows decay and degradation rules.

Stealing children’s childhood and adults’ minds.

‘Grown ups’ in school, lecture hall and Government debate held in its vice-like grip- with no way out.

This Christmas time the World is Dark. Dark powers rule.

But in the midst of the Darkness there is Light, Encouraging Light.

God’s voice thundered Light, and the fearful, chaotic primeval Darkness fled.

At this Christmas time, even in our own or the World’s deepest darkness, the Encouraging Light reminds us that no matter how strong the ‘powers of Darkness’ seem,

‘The people who sat in Darkness have seen a great Light’.
‘The Light has come into the world and
the Darkness has not overcome it.’

And never will.

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