‘Something Completely Different – A Response to the Crisis’

A booklet with the title ‘Something Completely Different – The Mixed Economy Option’ has been downloadable from the resources section of this site for some time. It provided an analysis of the reasons the contemporary standard model ‘church’ in the West has been failing in missional effectiveness for decades, and suggested that such churches might improve that effectiveness by the development of a radically different missional strategy, this taking the form of Unbounded Church-type ‘Missional Community’ networks operating in parallel with the standard congregation.

That booklet has been replaced with Something Completely Different – A Response to the Crisis’. This, while still including an appendix outlining the ‘Mixed Economy’ option, has been broadened in scope with the intention of making it more helpful for those who wish to develop ‘Missional Community Networks’ independent of the traditional church. It can be accessed and downloaded here.

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