The Infinite Comes

Christmas Dawn – A Hush

Even the Birds are silent – Awe

A Hush except for a Clock – Ticking

Ticking away Time – Created

Counting out our lives – ‘Finite’

Between Eternity and Eternity -a Mist

But this morn the ‘Finite’ awaits- The ‘Infinite’ comes

Comes to a Manger – for a Cross

Comes with the Offer of Infinity – Joyous

The Before all and After all comes – Timeless

The Am and Was and Will Be comes – Emmanuel

The Unknowable comes – to Be Known

Christmas Morn there is a Hush – Awe-filled

Clock ticking away life’s span – Fading

Disdainful, the World goes its way – Rejecting

Angels marvel and we Praise – with Thankfulness

The ‘Infinate’ comes – For us

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