The Online Network

The Covid-19 forced shut down of ‘normal’ Church life exposed a number of things, most of which already existed but didn’t get much attention.

One of these things, and the subject of this post is the opportunities that exist for Christian fellowships to meet On-Line. Such possibilities were already available but the shutdown brought them into focus because they became for a while the only way of meeting for most. What the experience of Covid did was to make a number of things clear.

  • First, while not denying that face-to-face gatherings are the preferred way of meeting, for some however this is not possible. The last year has shown that Christian fellowships can actually meet On-Line and be quite effective.
  • Second, they have the advantage that people can join from anywhere (even internationally), there is no geographical limit on who can be a member. This is not the case where meetings are only of the face-to-face variety.
  • Third, online fellowships are accessible to those who for whatever reason cannot (or will not) join a physical fellowship, indeed, as experience during Covid showed, may never have been a member of one..
  • Fourth, this is an opportunity to develop one form of new, 21st Century appropriate ‘Church’ an aim to which, as regular readers will know, this site is dedicated.
  • Fifth, they cost little to almost nothing!

In the light of this, myself and some colleagues are considering building on what we have learned during Covid and developing an ongoing network of on-line fellowships. Their purpose will be to provide Christian community and spiritual nurture for those who because of distance, health or other reasons are unable to attend traditional physical meetings. In some cases, this will be because churches in their area have closed down as is increasingly the case in rural areas, certainly in Australia.

The intention is that the On-Line network is not just limited to Christians but that it will also be welcoming to those who want to explore Christianity.

If this is something that might be helpful to you, or someone you know, please email to express interest, or to get more details and we will contact you to explore the idea further.

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