Quantum Mission – The Book

Something Completely Different for a Kaleidoscope World

’The significant problems we face can’t be solved at the same

level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

                                                                 Albert Einstein

Quantum Mission can be obtained in hardback, paperback, and e-book formats here and at most major online book retailers.


This book is the result of the author’s Melancholy Conclusion that, given the well documented decline of the Christian Church in Australia (and the West in in general), the following statement is true-

Unpalatable though it may be, and much as many seem to wish to ignore or deny it, the current local church paradigm in the West has not been for several decades, is not, nor can be made to be capable of achieving urgently needed trend-reversing missional goals.

This is because the Australian, indeed Western, Church is suffering from a decades-long missional malaise of failed mission to 21st century society. The result is an existential crisis, one that the institutional Church, with praiseworthy but rare exceptions, is generally unwilling and/or unable to address.

Quantum Mission Part One, offers a diagnosis of the ‘Why’; that is why the longstanding missional malaise persists and the major reasons for it. In particular, these include:

First, a ‘keeping on doing what we have always been doing’  in terms of the Sunday-Centric church model; Second, a lack of cultural intelligence; Third, a dearth of appropriate leadership; and Fourth, a persistence with failed missional strategies;

Quantum Mission makes the case for the urgent need for the development of a completely new (new in the West anyway) way of doing mission to what is now a neo-pagan society; indeed, for a Paradigm Shift in the way the Church engages in mission to 21st century society.

Part Two looks at the ‘What’: What such a Paradigm Shift might look like. Arguing that the design of that new way requires a much deeper understanding of the ever-changing Kaleidoscope of cultural futures flowing towards us, in which the only certainty is uncertainty.

Part Three deals with the ‘How’: That is, it is essentially practical, providing some experienced-based guidelines as to how missional communities and networks might be established. Added to this is a basic Toolbox of skills and strategies that might be of use to the practitioner seeking to establish Missional Community Networks.  

A fundamental aspect of the thesis of Quantum Mission, at what is a ‘Hinge Point’ is history, is the urgent need for a significant break, in fact a quantum leap, from the current Sunday-Centric, long-term unaffordable ‘four-walls-and-a-minister’, institutional church platform and its associated, long-failing missional strategies, to ‘Something Completely Different’. That is the embedding of networks of designer missional communities (in all forms, shapes, sizes and styles), packets of ‘Kingdom yeast’ in the ‘Neo-pagan dough’ of 21st century society.

An interview with Martin Bragger about Quantum Mission can be seen here.

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