The Resurrection and the Outbreak of War

I woke up on Easter morning, the day of all days when we celebrate the resurrection of the Christ the Son of God, the greatest event in history. It is the day we rejoice in God’s victory over sin and death, the forgiveness of sins, the removal of our guilt and the promise of eternal … Continue reading The Resurrection and the Outbreak of War


Among the many pieces of sheet music in the collection handed down for generations in my family is a song called “Trees”. It is a song I’ve rarely heard anyone play or sing, nor do I know if it has ever been recorded but I do know it contains some beautiful lines— “I think that … Continue reading Trees

God’s Toolshed

I recently learned that a very large hardware store is planning to open just over the road from our church centre. This will be I am sure a great delight to all congregational members who are DIY ‘Tragics’, you know the people who just love browsing the ‘goodies’ in such a store. I am not … Continue reading God’s Toolshed