It is reported that up to 60% of Australians do not know an active Christian. Whatever the case it is certainly true that the church has become disconnected from a large proportion of our potential gospel mission field before we even start. This is the primary problem, for if Christians are not building relationships with non-Christians the sharing of Jesus cannot take place.

It is therefore essential that we develop highly intentional strategies that do connect with the lost. As a decreasing few will actually come into our standard churches we must be/go where they already area. That is we must deliberately develop ‘Go and Stay’ strategies. Hence the concept of missional communities (MCs)that are intentionally established in public places, where the lost meet on a regular basis.

The basic strategy, although it can be modified according to context, is for a small group of Christians (3-5)to begin to meet in a public place on a regular basis (weekly) where they will be observed by the non-Christians around. They will function in an informal way as a ‘church’. That is there will be bible learning and prayer. They will seek to interact with the people around and build relationships. They will also seek to serve in whatever way is appropriate.

Current working examples of such MCs include cafes, pubs, clubs, parks, community centres, skateboard clubs etc. The only limit is our imaginations!

Where the ‘target’ group is an existing activity such as a playgroup, youth group, skateboard group or some other activity it can be spiritually re-engineered as described in ‘Multiplication – a Many Splendoured Thing’ blog article on this site..