To grow a Missional Community (MC), by whatever means, requires the gathering of those contacted into that community. This can be done in a number of ways:-
a) It is already done in the case of such activities as Missional Playgroups or Youth churches, or other age or interest based groups. Some existing examples are, in Playgroups, Self-defence groups, skate park groups etc.
b) Where a MC is meeting in a public place such as a coffee shop, park, Pub, Community Centre etc. they will be making contacts regularly. Those who show interest should be invited and gently encouraged to join that community.
c) What is known as the ‘Person of Peace’ strategy (Luke 10:5-7). If a non-Christian friend, workmate, neighbour etc. shows interest in your faith they can be asked if they would like to meet up with you and read the bible together, or talk about spiritual matters so that you can answer their questions and tell them more. They can be asked where they would like to meet and at what time. This removes several barriers to them meeting with you because it’s-
“Their place, their style, their language, their time”

Also, the opportunity should be taken to ask if they have any friends who they might like to ask to join in. This creates the potential for a new gospel community being established very quickly.