New Shoots Amid Silent Bells

The small building stands, weatherboard, old and quiet now, a family home- unremarked, but where once hoards of children Sunday chattered. A clue nearby, a small tower and still the bell, but for long years silent. Where once the church, Jesus’ families in numbers gathered, no longer so. But silence and death’s symbol, yesteryear’s relic of a village’s spiritual decay, where once was praise and worship in which Jesus lived. Now He has moved.

But, across the road within sight of the silent bell, a coffee shop and a bible displayed, friends talking of spiritual things, encourage those around to join. A New Shoot in the spiritual decay, praise God one of increasing many, where He is present, at His new address. A Kingdom Outbreak, where God is talked and the Light still shines.

New Shoots amid Silent Bells,

Praise God for Jesus has moved.

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