Small Is Beautiful

There is a well-known saying that ‘Small is beautiful’. This is certainly true in the context of mission to our 21st century society retreating as it is at an increasing rate from its Christian heritage. The process of de-Christianization, the evacuation of the gospel from the fabric of culture is clearly indicated in the recent … Continue reading Small Is Beautiful

New Shoots Amid Silent Bells

The small building stands, weatherboard, old and quiet now, a family home- unremarked, but where once hoards of children Sunday chattered. A clue nearby, a small tower and still the bell, but for long years silent. Where once the church, Jesus’ families in numbers gathered, no longer so. But silence and death’s symbol, yesteryear’s relic … Continue reading New Shoots Amid Silent Bells

When the Light Doesn’t Shine

Today I came across this article I wrote a few years ago. It seems even more appropriate today. _____________________________________ D. M Moody the great evangelist described Holiness as “being like a lighthouse, it just shines”. The people of Israel were chosen and formed into a nation by God’s grace, and it was for a purpose, … Continue reading When the Light Doesn’t Shine

The Closing Window

Up to some point in the SS Titanic’s fatal journey towards the notorious iceberg there remained a window of opportunity during which decisive action could have been taken that would have avoided the disaster that ultimately took place. We know of course that such action was not taken, at least before it was too late, … Continue reading The Closing Window

Never on a Sunday

Recently I accidently tuned into a radio station playing the song ‘Never On A Sunday’. As I listened I heard couple of the lines which went- “Never on a Sunday when the church is full of people And the bells are ringing in the steeple” And I thought –well that doesn’t work anymore! There are … Continue reading Never on a Sunday

Back to the Celts for Our Future

In 563 AD an Irish prince set out with a bunch of friends in small coracles to cross the Irish Sea to the wild west coast and islands of what now is Scotland. The purpose of the dangerous journey was mission, to take the gospel to the fierce pagan tribes of Scotland. He and his companions set up a … Continue reading Back to the Celts for Our Future

Green Shoots in the Melancholy Sadness

During my recent travels through the United Kingdom I took the opportunity to visit, in some cases revisit, a number of famous cathedrals, abbeys etc. as well as more humble local churches. As I did so I felt an overwhelming sense of melancholic sadness, for here was I in the ‘Valley of Dry Bones’. For … Continue reading Green Shoots in the Melancholy Sadness

Who Will Be Timothy?

It is my conviction, and the 'driver' of the 'Unbounded Church' concept, that the church urgently needs to be set free from its rigid, cumbersome and change-averse ‘Christendom’ influenced forms and structures in order to be ‘A church as we haven’t known it for a society as we haven’t known it’. For this reason I … Continue reading Who Will Be Timothy?

A Herd of Elephants-‘Conversations’ We Need to Have

The inspiration for this Unbounded Church site is an idea-the idea that the Australian church, if it is to resurrect its mission, needs to be unbound. That is it needs to be set free from its current rigid, cumbersome and change-averse ‘Christendom’ influenced forms, structures and mission strategies in order to be – ‘A church … Continue reading A Herd of Elephants-‘Conversations’ We Need to Have

The Kingdom of God is Not ‘Respectable’

By definition a true Christian is someone who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9), an aspect of whose work is to cause us to become more like Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17). This being the case how Jesus behaved in His earthly ministry should be what we see developing in our own behavior, both … Continue reading The Kingdom of God is Not ‘Respectable’