The Violinist of Vigo

Small, pale not best fed of face, long, plain, cheap blue dress. ‘The Violinist of Vigo’ stood playing in the shopping mall. Such sublime talent, exquisite, heart melting music. Open violin case at foot, inviting coin, few were thrown. Why? What story did she have to tell? Why was one so gifted reduced to this?

This obscenity of perverted values, cheek by jowl in ‘wealthy’ western Europe

Chattering crowds rushed by, carrying bags, expensive department store names, each one worth more than the violinist’s day. Few noticed, less coin paid.

This in the same week, when European sports headlines screamed out the £200 Million paid for the transfer of one player, yet beggars sprinkle city streets, and for one violinist, dollars there were a measly few.

This obscenity of perverted values, cheek by jowl in ‘wealthy’, erstwhile Christian western Europe. This injustice, is the same that two and a half millennia or so ago the Old Testament prophet Amos railed against, the obscenely rich who abused, ignored, and exploited the poor.

“6 This is what the LORD says:
“For three sins of Israel,
even for four, I will not relent.
They sell the innocent for silver,
and the needy for a pair of sandals.
7 They trample on the heads of the poor
as on the dust of the ground
and deny justice to the oppressed.
Father and son use the same girl
and so profane my holy name.
8 They lie down beside every altar
on garments taken in pledge.
In the house of their god
they drink wine taken as fines.

The beauteous music ended, the pale Violinist of Vigo her few coins scooped, violin packed in case, slowly walked away to the limited fare the coin would buy. The soccer transfer window closes for another year, dripping in millions, the consumer crowds, the violinist forgotten, expensive purchases in hand went their way to more ample provision.

And tomorrow the Violinist of Vigo will return and play beauty again – for a crust.

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