Hell Needs to Make a Come Back

So I finally get to the “Fire and Brimstone” bit! This is because I got into a conversation with a woman recently about what happened after death and that got me thinking. She was not a Christian but seemed to have some belief that there was a life after death, and her view was that … Continue reading Hell Needs to Make a Come Back

The Violinist of Vigo

Small, pale not best fed of face, long, plain, cheap blue dress. 'The Violinist of Vigo' stood playing in the shopping mall. Such sublime talent, exquisite, heart melting music. Open violin case at foot, inviting coin, few were thrown. Why? What story did she have to tell? Why was one so gifted reduced to this? … Continue reading The Violinist of Vigo

Kingdom Outbreaks

There is a scene in C. S. Lewis story of the ‘Horse and His Boy’ in the Narnia series, where the lost, friendless ‘boy’ Shasta journeying on a very unruly horse through deep darkness with tears rolling down his face, has a terrifying experience when he suddenly senses-  “That someone or somebody was walking beside … Continue reading Kingdom Outbreaks

Reflections on War

Over the course of this year we have again seen the development of hostilities in the middle east and Australian forces are once more involved. It is therefore an appropriate time to reflect on the topic of war because it is a vexed one among Christians, and one which always generates a range of views. … Continue reading Reflections on War

When Church Gets in the Way of the Kingdom

It comes as a great shock to many church members that Jesus rarely used the word ‘Church’, basically only twice. Once when referring to the ‘Rock’ (himself) on which he would build the spiritual eternal community of those who become disciples (Matt. 16:18). A second time when giving guidelines on how to deal with discipline … Continue reading When Church Gets in the Way of the Kingdom