Meditation on a Winter’s Afternoon

A wintery leaf-filtered sunlight dapples my study floor. Breeze-waved leaves outside synthesize Sun’s energy into life. Block that light and death moves in.

‘Light’ came into the world to overcome the ugly darkness, to give life, exquisite life of eternal span. But Man blocks the ‘Light’, the Enemy “Blinds the eyes of the unbeliever”.

Imagine God’s pain at ‘Light’ rejected- so costly ‘Light’, blood-stained ‘Light’, ‘Light’ of great price, love’s ‘Light’ shed in anguish.

The dappling of the floor fades, the day’s-end Sun settles over Escarpment peak. Life generation pauses.

‘Light’ is excluded, the landscape darkens. Laughed at, clamouring mockery as on Calvary’s Tree- Men die. Yes, eternal still-but in a tortured darkness.

Light dies on a Winter’s afternoon, so too the ‘Light’ is dying.

A meditation on a Winter’s afternoon brings a Winter’s prayer –

Lord have Mercy on this blindness!


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