Spiritually Distanced? – A Cyber Option

The result of the current restrictions on social gatherings means that churches have had to cease services as have other meetings such as bible studies where people physically meet. This prohibition has also included Unbounded Church groups, however, as with many other aspects of life, many UC members have moved to meeting in Cyber-Groups.    … Continue reading Spiritually Distanced? – A Cyber Option

An Inconvenient Question!

When we take holidays that usually means we do some travelling. As we do so we usually take the opportunity to visit a local church or two wherever we might be staying. On a recent trip we ended up visiting a church (disguised in this post) where some friends are regular attenders. We have visited … Continue reading An Inconvenient Question!

The Hand of God

“Go out into the darkness and put your hand in the Hand of God.  That shall be to you better than light  and safer than a known way.”                                                         ‘God Knows’ – Millie Haskins                                         ******** I was walking along our local beach recently when I encountered a woman with two dogs both of which … Continue reading The Hand of God

Notice – A ‘SEEK Day’ Missional Community Gathering

For Support, Encouragement, Equipping, Knowledge Sharing- 26th October, 2019 For all those who are already involved in, or interested in developing, Missional Communities and Networks. Looking at some of the (perhaps new) skills for the creation and development of MCs in the 'Live, Work and Play' cultural universes where unchurched people spend their time. For … Continue reading Notice – A ‘SEEK Day’ Missional Community Gathering

The Missional Malaise – Time for Something Completely Different

The general subject of this booklet is the Missional Malaise that now infects the whole Australian church landscape. The specific subject is the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, arguably still the strongest part of the Australian non- Catholic  Church and thus of broader relevance to the wider church. While the specific focus is Sydney, it can … Continue reading The Missional Malaise – Time for Something Completely Different

The Gate of the Year–A Reflective Re-Post

Once again we have stepped through the gate of the new year. The blank canvas of 2019 lies before us. What will we paint on it? What tapestry will we weave as we journey through that space of time? Every year at this time, I am reminded of the poem written by British poet Minnie … Continue reading The Gate of the Year–A Reflective Re-Post

Down the Ages Distant Voices Still Speak

A few days ago I was privileged to visit the Colosseum in Rome. Standing and looking at those ancient but still magnificent ruins, the architecture of towering and imposing walls brought many thoughts to mind. “I am – a Christian. I suffer what I’m suffering now, but then there will be another in me, who … Continue reading Down the Ages Distant Voices Still Speak

Has Anyone Got A Longer Ladder?

Recently the Senior Minister of a local church outlined his strategy for mission as one of seeking the “Low hanging fruit”. By this he meant that the ‘target’ for the church’s missional activity would be those members of society who for some reason are relatively church-friendly. For the most part this means those who come … Continue reading Has Anyone Got A Longer Ladder?

Fair Weather Christianity – Not!

One of the many damaging aspects of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ that is preached in some churches is that it does not prepare or enable Christians for adversity. The ‘Prosperity Gospel’ promotes the idea that if you have enough faith, pray enough, give enough money, etc, then God will bless you. These ideas are neither supported … Continue reading Fair Weather Christianity – Not!

Maturity is Not About Knowledge but About Obedience

Evangelicals have an emphasis on learning the bible, and quite rightly so. However, this can also be accompanied by an amnesia as to why we should learn the bible-which is to do it! Great bible learning, sermon listening and Christian conference attending is not a measure of spiritual maturity, That is measured by obedience to … Continue reading Maturity is Not About Knowledge but About Obedience