Mission – Playing the Long Game

So how do we think about mission to our local community? Are we still we relying on ‘invitation to special church services’; one off ‘event evangelism’ activities (e.g., men’s breakfasts, women’s dinners etc); infrequent local doorknocking; strategies that have been very low fruit for a long time? Or is it time to establish ‘long game’ strategies,

Gospel Ripples

Most of us at times have had a bit of fun throwing a stone into a pond and seeing the ripples spreading outwards. It has often seemed to me that this, what we might call the ‘Ripple Effect’, is a very good analogy for Jesus’ instruction to his followers in Acts 1:8 where he says- … Continue reading Gospel Ripples

The Tearing and the Death of God

The life of Jesus, the most pivotal figure in the history of Western culture, is virtually forgotten today, as is the meaning of Easter. One of the many consequences of this new ignorance is an uncoupling of morality from its traditional moorings ‘

Time to Give Away Hot Fish Buns Again!

Many Christians find it difficult to get into a conversation about their faith with a non-believer. One way that is almost certain to start a conversation at Easter time is to give them a packet of what I call 'Hot Fish Buns'. The general loss of the Christian story in society and the fact that … Continue reading Time to Give Away Hot Fish Buns Again!

It’s Time for the Geese to Fly Again

A five-year-old post. Even more relevant now!

unbounded church

In Northern Europe, where I grew up, in autumn it is often possible to see wild geese flying south to winter in warmer climes. Recently I was reminded of this when I came across a talk I had given a few years previously in which I used the southward flight of the wild geese as an analogy.

In that talk I quoted the Danish writer Soren Kierkegaard who wrote about the wild geese that flew over his property every autumn. In particular he described one year when some geese landed on his property and rather than fly on, stayed in his farmyard and saw out, what turned out to be, a mild winter.

The remarkable thing was that the next autumn, as the wild geese flew over in response to the age-old southern call, the geese in his farmyard became agitated at the honking overhead as if stirred by some…

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Quantum Mission – The Book

                                  Something Completely Different for a Kaleidoscope World ‘If you do not change you can become extinct.’ Haw in 'Who moved my Cheese?' This book can be obtained in hardback, paperback, and e-book formats HERE and at most major online book retailers. *** Quantum Mission is the result of the author's Melancholy Conclusion that, … Continue reading Quantum Mission – The Book

Quantum Mission is Pagan Mission – and it Costs.

‘When you were pagans, somehow or other you were influenced and led astray to mute idols’ *** Western society is at an historical hinge point; that it is undergoing an unprecedented cultural shift of tectonic proportions; a society that is experiencing rapid and accelerating cultural change in which the only ‘certainty’ is ‘uncertainty’; one which … Continue reading Quantum Mission is Pagan Mission – and it Costs.

God is Weeping Still

Recently, as I was travelling in a foreign land it began to rain. Not ordinary rain, but the heavy, heavy drops of the Monsoon. As I watched the rain fall, I was reminded of this article I wrote many years ago, one that now seems even more relevant in our times- *** We had rain … Continue reading God is Weeping Still

Passion – The Essential Antidote to Apathy

There is a general mission-blocking apathy and lack of passion for mission to the Australian community among congregational members. This missionally deadening apathy, which is a major contributor to the missional malaise, is very prevalent and a significant reason why it’s difficult to think that the standard local church model can be reinvented, at least fast enough, to achieve the radically increased mission al fruitfulness so urgently needed.'