Time to Give Away Hot Fish Buns Again!

Many Christians find it difficult to get into a conversation about their faith with a non-believer. One way that is almost certain to start a conversation at Easter time is to give them a packet of what I call ‘Hot Fish Buns’.

The general loss of the Christian story in society and the fact that the traditional Hot Cross buns are on sale pretty much throughout the year means that the meaning of Easter and the Crucifixion has to a great extent been lost. However, if we give a bun with the ancient Christian symbol of the Fish (Ichthus in the Greek New Testament) on it, the person we are talking to will almost certainly ask for an explanation.

That gives us the opportunity to explain that the word Ichthus serves as an acrostic, the letters that make up the word stand for Jesus, Christ, God’s, Son, Saviour.

In giving the Hot Fish Bun you may also be giving the Keys of the Kingdom!

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