The Biggest Elephant – Challenges Yes – Excuses No

“It’s more missionaries we need, without more missionaries we will lose”                                       ****** In my previous post on the ‘Biggest Elephant’ topic I mentioned a number of characteristics of the Australian church (discussed more fully in the 'Something Completely Different' booklet) which are to various degrees causative factors in the Church’s chronic lack of missional … Continue reading The Biggest Elephant – Challenges Yes – Excuses No

Christianity-Lite A Deadly Poison

Among the offerings in the ‘spiritual supermarket’ that is Australia today there can be found this very attractive and popular package called ‘Christianity-Lite’ (C.L.). A characteristic of this belief system or ‘faith’ is that it is an ‘easy’ faith, a ‘comfortable’ faith where the spiritual journey is smooth and not too stressful; one into which … Continue reading Christianity-Lite A Deadly Poison