You ask, what is our policy? I will say; It is to wage war . . . . . with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy.”


The above quote is part of a rallying cry issued by the great British wartime leader Winston Churchill in the early stages of the second World War when Britain stood alone against the might of Hitler’s Nazi army that had steam-rolled its way across, and subjugated most of, Europe.

A similar cry with equal passion ought to be heard from the Christian leaders and pulpits of our time, for western Christians in particular are fighting another War, against another enemy, another ‘Monstrous Tyranny’, although you wouldn’t believe it attending most church services where a benign, comfortable, mission-stifling Christianity reigns supreme. The Church’s ‘Monstrous Tyranny’ is not that of the Nazis of the 20th century (although the growing Covid-encouraged, totalitarian tendencies of western governments have some similar characteristics) but what C.S Lewis called ‘That Hideous Strength’.


Many Christians will listen to sermons, or attend Bible studies, on Ephesians 6:12, and hear about ‘the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world, and the spiritual forces of evil’ that the Apostle Paul warns the Church about, yet remain seemingly unaware of the battle that the Church is in. However, the fact is that this is a real battle, the evidence for which is all around us in the Degradation of society, and we are losing badly.

The Enemy

The Enemy we face is described by Anglican Minister Melvin Tinker, author of ‘That Hideous Strength-How the West Was Lost’, in these words-

‘This ‘Hideous Strength’ is far more fearsome and all-embracing than (C.S) Lewis envisaged over 70 years ago. The technology available is far more potent and far reaching in its ability to capture imaginations and minds than at any point in the world’s history. The political will of the opponents of Christianity is strong and unrelenting. The Church by and large appears confused and compromising. The stakes are incredibly high; nothing less than the survival of a civilization and the eternal well-being of countless souls.’

Rod Dreher, (author of the ‘Benedict Option’) emphasizes the same point when he writes that –

‘The spiritual crisis which is engulfing the West is the worst since the end

of the fifth century.’

Again, you would have little idea of this if you attended almost any Sunday service.

I have addressed this issue in my book, Quantum Mission, arguing that we are at a seemingly little recognized hinge point in history, a time such as the western Church has not faced since the time of the 5th and 6th century Celtic mission to northern Europe. Yet most church members are just ignorant of, or at least ill-informed about, the Crisis facing the Church, not least because pulpits are generally silent on these issues.

As we face this Crisis however, it is vital that we do not forget the lesson of Genesis 3:1 where we are told that Satan is more cunning, or more subtle, than all the other creatures God has made, and that includes humans. This cunning has achieved a major victory when seemingly he has convinced most Christians and Christian leaders in the West that he either doesn’t exist, or even if He does, we don’t need to bother too much about him.

Know Your Enemy  

A famous maxim about war states that a primary principle is to ‘Know your enemy’. Tragically however, not only are most western Christians ignorant of, or indifferent to, the Enemy, but they run their churches and live their lives as if he doesn’t exist. However, Jesus made it very clear that he most certainly does! e.g., Mark 1:13.

What then is the evidence of his activity in our society? How does this Hideous Strength manifest himself? Among other ways, He does so in the guise of what might be called the Cultural Marxism that has very subtly taken over our institutions; the schools and universities that our young people go to and are being indoctrinated in; as well as governments and corporations.

It is important at this point to emphasize that the Marxist world view is the very opposite of the Biblical one; obviously because for one God exists and for the other, He doesn’t. It also is probably necessary here to make a brief mention of what the original political philosophy of Karl Marx was.

When I was in high school it was the period of the ‘Cold War’, and one of the chilling realities of the time was the daily nuclear threat from the Marxist Soviet Union. It wasn’t uncommon to go to school wondering whether that would by the day the nuclear annihilation would begin. The issue of Marxism/Communism was one of regular discussion, including in school-organized debates – one of which I remember was on the topic ‘Better Red (Marxist/Communist) than Dead’.

The point being wasn’t it better to kowtow to the Russian nuclear superpower of the time rather than being nuked out of existence, and this was a serious discussion. The reason I raise this is the fact that, in contrast to those raised in the 1960s and 70s, current generations are ignorant of the Marxism that now has its hands on the levers controlling our society. The dangerous tragedy is that, given the state of our education system for now several decades, Marxism and the toll of human suffering it wrought in the 20th century, and will so do again is something few people under fifty years old or so know much about. Therefore, its mistakes they are likely doomed to repeat. Worse, surveys indicate that in their ignorance many history-challenged millennials think it might be worth a try!

So here is a Marxism Primer, that is a brief list of some of the main characteristics of Marxism, most of which can be seen in George Orwell’s book, ‘1984’. This, and perhaps Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, should be compulsory reading for every school child (good luck with that!) and every adult who has not read them. Even if we have, we should do so again to help us understand our times.

1. Marxism is officially Atheistic

That is, it is thoroughly anti-Christian because it declares that God doesn’t exist, and so the Bible is a fiction. This is the most important characteristic of Marxism that makes it a tool of the Enemy, and poisonous to society.

Marx himself described religion as-

The opium of the people’ and said that ‘The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness’.

This essential tenet of Marxism is reflected in the Cultural Marxism of our own times as we see God kicked out of schools, parliaments, universities, institutions, corporations etc. Further, we see the ‘fruits’ of the Hideous Strength in the fall in active church membership, attendance and ministry, and in the rapid decline in even nominal Christian affiliation.

2. Marxism is Intentionally Divisive.

It fractures society by dividing it into those who are oppressed and those who do the oppressing, originally on an economic basis (the workers who produce and the controllers/owners of the means of production) as in the Soviet Union of the last century. Today’s Cultural Marxism is in its essence tribalist, the primary division now being between a lumped-together collection of minority groups (the oppressed) and western white people, especially Christians, (the oppressors). Even that ‘lump’ is itself divided into tribes between which there is now increasing conflict. This modern divisive tribalism is straight out of the Marxist playbook and is totally counter to God’s desire for human society which is for the removal of divisions; for the establishment of harmony; and through Christ, for the creation of One Humanity- Ephesians 2:15.

3. Marxism Controls by Censorship of Speech and Thought

Not long ago in England, a man named Harry Miller answered a knock on his front door to be greeted by a policeman with the statement ‘I have come to check your thinking’. This frightening response was to Harry’s retweet of a post about a transgender woman by someone else. His action was considered to have fallen foul of the British police guidelines on ‘Hate’ crimes.

These guidelines define a hate incident as ‘any non-crime incident which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender’.

The concept of a ‘non-crime incident’ requiring police attention is worthy of George Orwell himself! An example of ‘thought crime’ or ‘wrong think’! That is one of the characteristics of both 20th century Marxism and today’s Cultural Marxism which is the (check your thinking) attempt to control, and police, what can be said and even thought, i.e., mind control. Of particular concern to Christians is the fact that this attempted control of speech and thought now extends to the Bible and Christian beliefs. Various recent examples serve to make the point.

One is in the recent prosecution of John Dunn, a street preacher in England. The government prosecution service argued that parts of the Bible are ‘offensive’ and ‘no longer appropriate to be spoken publicly in modern society’. Another example is the recent case of the twenty-four-year-old Christian schoolteacher in Ohio who, after telling the school principal that using students’ preferred pronouns violated her religion, was forced to resign.

Another important aspect of today’s Speech control is what comes under the banner of Political Correctness (PC). That is people are only free to say what is acceptable to the spirit of the age (Marxism), not what they really think, and increasing numbers are afraid to do so.

What is known as ‘Cancel Culture’, while a relatively modern term, is a further characteristic of Marxist control. One example of ‘Cancel Culture’ is that it is now quite common for people to lose their jobs for saying or believing something that even ten years ago would have been considered quite normal. A recent example of this is the case of Andrew Thorburn, a Christian man who lost his (fleeting) job as chief executive of a Melbourne AFL club simply because he belonged to a church that held mainstream biblical views, whether he personally agreed with them or not.

Other examples are the ‘cancelling’ of speakers at universities because they hold the ‘wrong’ views, or Christian groups being banned from using venues for meetings because their views ‘don’t align’ with those of the venue owner.

4. The State is ‘God’

Marxism effectively makes the state an obligatory object of ‘worship’ in that it is the supreme authority overall, as Caesar was in Roman times. That of course is what a Christian cannot do. This affects how children are raised and means that parents lose their God-appointed primary role for their children’s upbringing, and the state determines how they are raised. This is one of the twin aims of Marxism, namely the destruction of the family (the other being the destruction of the Church). As Tinker writes, ‘This circumvents the parents’ traditional role in passing on values to the next generation’. An aspect of this is the indoctrination of children in schools with a (contrary Biblical) Marxist world view, whether the parents know about it (most don’t), like it or not. If we are a Christian parent/ grandparent, we should be taking a keen and active interest in what is being taught.

5. The Manipulation of Truth

It has long been said, and well demonstrated, that ‘Truth is the first casualty of War’, and this is certainly true in the war Christians are fighting against the Marxist world view, and the Hideous Strength described by Jesus as the ‘Father of lies’ (John 8:44).

One way we see this manipulation of Truth is in the rewriting of history. The central character in Orwell’s ‘1984’ is Winston Smith who works in the Ministry of Truth, which should more accurately be called the Ministry of Lies, (we saw this same thing in reality in the 20th century Soviet Union state news outlet ‘Pravda’ – Ironically meaning Truth). His job was to rewrite history when the current version no longer serves the purpose of ‘Big Brother’ (the ruling group). The ‘Old’, no longer acceptable, history documents are then disposed of by putting them into what is called a Memory Hole where they go to be incinerated so that they can’t be retrieved and used to prove history has been tampered with. Big Brother maintains totalitarian control of society by the use of lies, dis- and misinformation to scare and deceive the population into being obedient.

We saw examples of this in the 2020-21 Covid outbreak with bureaucratic and cross-media scare campaigns seeking to dragoon people into fear and obedience. Examples are-

1. The totally false and scary warning by public health officials reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (and therefore read by a lot of people) that Covid would kill up to 150,000 Australians, whereas the Truth according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics is that, up to August 31st, 2022, only 11,441 died from or WITH (note) Covid.

2. The constant pressure to get vaccinated against Covid as a community duty because that would prevent us passing on the illness to others. (One state premier said she wouldn’t want to even be in a room with unvaccinated people). This was false, because vaccination does not prevent transmission. Further, the vaccine producers have admitted that they did not even test to see whether their vaccines prevented transmission!

3. Another is the claim that many Pacific Island nations are being drowned by climate-change-induced rising seas, a claim that is used to drive the demand that western countries should give trillions of dollars to such nations to help them overcome the threat. The Truth is however otherwise, as documented in studies by the University of Auckland and others show that 40% plus of the land areas of these nations have actually grown in size and another 40% plus have remained stable over the last six decades, with only 10% getting smaller. I should note that there can be no objection to richer countries providing aid to poorer ones, but not on the basis of Marxist wealth-redistribution projects based on lies. I should note also that I wasn’t particularly interested in any of this stuff until I began to notice some blatant, and largely unchallenged, misinformation and even plain lies in media reports.

Another area where we see a Marxist attempt to divide by ‘economic’ use of the ‘Truth’ is in the demonising of white people (the oppressors), especially Christians, regarding the north Atlantic slave trade. This, if you listen to most of the media, is particularly a white man’s sin, and there are calls for western countries to pay massive amounts of ‘Reparations’ to black people for past wrongs in this area. However, some facts might help give a broader view.

1. Slave trading and trafficking were common in many parts of Africa in ancient times, long before the white man got there.

2. Black African Kings and Tribal leaders engaged in the capture, enslavement, and trading of black people from other tribes that they conquered, again long before the Europeans arrived. It was those same Black Kings and Tribal leaders that sold black people as slaves to the European traders. So when demands for ‘Reparations’ are made of western countries they should equally be made of West African Nations which sold the slaves in the first place.

I do want to strongly emphasize here however, that nothing excuses the Europeans who engaged in, profited from the north Atlantic slave trade, and the deaths it caused.

However, there are other facts about the trade that the media seem to leave out. In the early 1800s, it was the campaign of Christian members of the British parliament, led by William Wilberforce, who legislated to ban the trade; it was the Christian British Royal Navy (West Africa Squadron) that stamped it out; and it did this at an estimated cost of the lives of around 2000 Christian British Royal Navy sailors.

As in ‘1984’, in Marxism Truth becomes ‘truths’, yours and mine in order to suit the ideology of the time. Again, this is the antithesis of the bible where Jesus is THE Truth. Truth is singular, there is only one version, and His name is Jesus who is God.

A note – This section requires a whole book (maybe sometime!) to give an adequate understanding of those issues.

6. Manipulation of Language

Marxism, and today Cultural Marxism, manipulates language to achieve its ideological purposes. An example of this is when it seeks to replace millennia-old and worldwide terms such as Mother and Father, with terms such as birthing/non-birthing parent. This is in order to weaken the God-designed basic unit of society, i.e., the family. For the same ideological reason, Marxism seeks to blur definitions of terms such as Woman/Man to further a gender-fluidity ideology, and again weaken the family.

Another example of language manipulation is in the ‘Safe schools’ program run in several states in Australia. Its stated aim is to reduce bullying, and after all who could object to that! However, the use of the word ‘Safe’ is deceptive, for the programs in several (not all) states are generally more about the sexual indoctrination of children, particularly in Gender theory. The reality often is that ‘Safe Schools’ are generally anything but ‘Safe’!

Then there is the recent suspension of an teacher in England because he refused to address a Transgender student as ‘They’ on the basis of his Biblical faith.

7. Removal of Freedoms

A major characteristic of Marxism is the removal of long fought for, and died for, freedoms, whether by the martyrs of the sixteenth century Reformation in Europe, or the men and women who fought totalitarianism in World War 2. Such freedoms that until ten or so years ago we took for granted. This is demonstrated in the attack on free speech as we have already mentioned; and the loss of freedom of movement as we saw in the draconian Lockdowns during the Covid pandemic (lockdown that have now been shown to have caused more damage than they were intended to avoid, especially to children).


This is a very brief outline of aspects of the Godless Marxism and its equally Godless offspring, the Cultural Marxism that is the tool ‘That Hideous Strength’ is using to infiltrate society and all of its institutions.

Marxism seeks to destroy the family and the Church. In both cases it is well on the way to achieving its goals, yet Christians and more importantly Christian leaders, with honourable exceptions, continue to act as if none of this is real.

So the question is, how should Christians respond to the Hideous Strength that is filling the spiritual and moral vacuum left by the retreat of the Biblical controlling story (metanarrative) that shaped and directed western society for generations? We might adopt Churchill’s question and ask “what is our policy”? The answer can only be “to wage war . . . . . with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny”, the tyranny that is destroying western society.

Whatever forms they take, our policies must be ones that-

  1. recognize the reality that committed and active Christians are now reduced to a diminishing ‘Remnant’ in what has become a neo-pagan society.

2. in the power of the Spirit, develop strategies that take on ‘That Hideous Strength’ like guerrilla units that are designed and are deployed to take back the Enemy’s now well-established strongholds in schools, universities, politics, parliaments etc.

3. develop a Trojan Horse strategy that zealously seeks to infiltrate and to impregnate the neo-pagan ‘dough’ of society with the ‘yeast’ of the gospel.

4. Also, individual Christians must speak out against Marxist falsehoods, Truth manipulation and also fearlessly proclaim the Christ who is THE TRUTH.

For ‘The political will of the opponents of Christianity is strong and unrelenting. The Church by and large appears confused and compromising. The stakes are incredibly high; nothing less than the survival of a civilization and the eternal well-being of countless souls.’

So, for those of us claiming to be followers of Jesus, and even more importantly for Christian leaders, the question for each fellowship, house church etc., is-

‘What is our aim, policy, strategy to take on ‘That Hideous Strength’? Do we even have one?’

To repeat, do we truly realize that ‘The stakes are incredibly high; nothing less than the survival of a civilization and the eternal well-being of countless souls.’

And the Silence is Not Golden!