In the ‘Degradation’ – What About the Children?

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;                                           Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”                                          … Continue reading In the ‘Degradation’ – What About the Children?

The Striding Darkness

“The Sun’s rim dips, the stars rush out, At one stride comes the dark” How much I wonder are these lines from Samuel Coleridge’s poem “The Ancient Mariner” appropriate for our times. How much I wonder are our times similar in many ways to those of Augustine who writing when the Barbarians were at the … Continue reading The Striding Darkness

A Problem With Leadership

The Barbarians are at the gates, the gates of western civilization. The 'Christendom'-founded and shaped civilization we call 'the West', denuded by the leaching out of its gospel underpinnings; its foundation of the Rock replaced by Post modern relativism and so no match for the flood of alternative 'truths' whether liberal humanism, radical Islam or … Continue reading A Problem With Leadership