When the Light Doesn’t Shine

Today I came across this article I wrote a few years ago. It seems even more appropriate today. _____________________________________ D. M Moody the great evangelist described Holiness as “being like a lighthouse, it just shines”. The people of Israel were chosen and formed into a nation by God’s grace, and it was for a purpose, … Continue reading When the Light Doesn’t Shine

This Present Bondage-The ‘god’ of Church ‘Form’

  One of the more confronting stories in the bible, it could even be described as a horror story, is the vision God gave to the prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel 10). The picture is one of the utter horror (to Jewish eyes) of the Glory of God leaving the Jerusalem temple, the place where God symbolically … Continue reading This Present Bondage-The ‘god’ of Church ‘Form’