The Missional Malaise – Time for Something Completely Different

The general subject of this booklet is the Missional Malaise that now infects the whole Australian church landscape. The specific subject is the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, arguably still the strongest part of the Australian non- Catholic  Church and thus of broader relevance to the wider church.

While the specific focus is Sydney, it can be considered as a case study with broader relevance because the issues and challenges faced, and the diagnosis of the causes of those challenges are common to the Australian church as a whole, as is I believe the Missional Community network proposed as a way forward.

Other Denominations, and none, can plug their own statistics into the ‘Symptoms’ section to see what they show. The results and conclusions are unlikely to be anymore encouraging than the Sydney analysis, for the ‘Malaise’ is well entrenched across the nation.

However, the purpose of the booklet is not to be negative, but to firstly understand the reality of the state of mission, to diagnose and analyse the reasons for it, in order to propose a more fruitful way forward for those of us seeking to reverse the Missional decline.

It can be downloaded from the Resources section of this site.

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